Cheryl Cawood has always been one of my all time favorite singers.  She has breathed life into so many songs over the years that she should be awarded a lifetime EMS achievement award.  Her voice has brought life into so many dark rooms and equally dark hearts,  she should be designated a national resource of renewable energy.

So while mine may not be the most unbiased of opinions, this new collection of her original songs by almost any other standard is an impressive achievement. In it Cheryl covers a wide range of traditional C&W and Americana,  from the radio ready "Fool's Moon" to the chilling "I'll Be Coming Home". She manages simultaneously to warm the heart and dampen the eyes with "Daddy's Home Town".  

Cheryl's music has a strong, soulful honesty that mirrors her voice. On top of that it's fun. These recordings deserve a wide audience.  At the very least, any collection that contains selections titled "Makin' Corn Liquor" and "Wine 30" (written by Jack Saunders) demands a serious country music aficionado's immediate attention.

~ David Gilligan, Songwriter (Cincinnati, Ohio)